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The Technical University of Sofia is the biggest higher technical school in the country. Now 70 years, the University has trained specialists in the field of technology using modern facilities and has provided high quality training.

The Technical University of Sofia is the biggest higher technical school in the country with 70 years experience in the training of engineering professionals. More than 120,000 specialists have graduated from it and have found successful accomplishment not only in Bulgaria but also in many other countries worldwide.

The priority objective of the activities of the Technical University of Sofia is the high quality standard of training that comes to terms with contemporary standards, which thereby establishes the prestige of the University as a leading educational centre at National and European level. The credit transfer system ensures the training of students in a number of famous universities with which the TU of Sofia actively cooperates.

Further to the Bulgarian diploma, graduates of the three language engineering faculties at the Technical University of Sofia receive a diploma from the partner - universities in Germany, Britain and France.

The excellently equipped laboratories of the Technical University of Sofia ensure high quality tuition of students and post graduates in the sciences of computer and communication technologies, electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering, power engineering and machines, transport engineering, management and business.

Conditions for a rich and fulfilling social life have also been provided for. The University offers modern campuses, libraries, student dormitories, refectories, sports complexes, an Olympic size indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and sports halls, recreation facilities by the seaside and in the mountains.

The Technical University of Sofia offers 28 training courses after secondary education:

1. Automatics, Information and Control Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment
4. Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering
5. Energy conversion technologies and energy efficiency in buildings and industry
6. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technologies
7. Design and Technologies for Clothing and Textiles
8. Industrial Technologies
9. Mechatronics
10. Mechanical Engineering
11. Logistics Engineering
12. Industrial Design Engineering
13. Computer Aided Design and Technology in Machine-Building
14. Electronics
15. Computer and Software Engineering
16. Telecommunications
17. Transport Machinery and Technology
18. Transport Technology and Management
19. Aeronautical Engineering
20. Public Administration
21. Business Administration
22. Industrial Management
23. Applied Mathematics
24. Engineering Physics
25. General Mechanical Engineering (in German)
26. Computer Systems and Technologies (in German)
27. Industrial Engineering (in English)
28. Electrical Engineering - Computer Science and Telecommunications; Electronics and Control Engineering (in French)



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Завърших Техническия университет преди няколко години. Смея да кажа, че подготовката, която ми дадоха там е на много добро, европейско ниво. В момента имам много добра работа в чужбина, където инженерните кадри се ценят заслужено. Имам много добри спомени от годините в университета, от всички преподаватели и особено от любимия ми Георги Томов. Поздравявам ги всички.

Велизар Йотов 26 Nov 2013 15:53

Най-реномираният университет. Кадрите му са уважавани по цял свят.

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