Heatings, air conditiong, water supply systems. We create air conditioning with high class products. Daikin, Mitsubishi, Viessmann, Immergas, JAGA. We design your heating or cooling system as part of your interior in consistense with your personality

 Total Therm Ltd. provides wide range of components for the construction of heating, water, air-conditioning and electrical installations. Total Therm Ltd. works in three main directions:

  • Import and distribution of components for heating, gas, water-supply and air-conditioning systems;
  • Import and distribution of luxury energy-saving heating and air-conditioning units;
  • Mounting of heating, air-conditioning and water-supply installations.
  • The products we offer are made by manufacturers who have proven their efficiency and quality such as VIESSMANN, Grundfos, HONEYWELL, etc., and meet all European Quality Standards.

Total Therm Ltd. is the official representative for Bulgaria of the products made by JAGA n.v. - the Belgian manufacturer of luxury-designed heating units.

The product range includes boilers, burners, circulation pumps, expansion vessels, copper tubes, polyethylene and polypropylene tubes and fittings. We have available articles and provide also complete engineering of installations.

Automation for management installations we make is manufactured by Honeywell, Viessmann or JAGA, depending on the characteristic features of the site. Our aim is to reach maximum economy in covering the requirements given by the client as well as to give proof of the investment made in time.

We have the full range of components for the construction of heating, water-supply and air-conditioning installations. We work together with famous manufacturers of polyethylene pipe with aluminum insert – such as the Swiss HAKA Gerodur, Sanitherm, etc. we offer German copper pipe and fittings, as well as Italian floor siphons GHIDINI, etc.


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