Distributor with exclusive rights for selling plumbing, heating and HVAC instalations of the marks: HENCO - Belgium - PEX-pipes and fittings producer, FERROLI - Italy - boilers, burners and radiators.

HENCO-Belgium-PEX-AL pipes and fittings,Underfloor heating
FERROLI-Italy- Pellet boilers,pellet burners,aluminium radiators,solid fuel boilers, solar systems.
SEGUIN -France-Fireplaces,Fireboxes
CALEFFI - Italy - radiator and specialised armature for plumbing,heating and HVAC instalations

 Engineering of heating and HVAC building instalations,gas instalations,plumbing instalations
Consult and selling
Garantee and after garantee service
Spare parts and equipment



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Димитър Кръстев 22 May 2015 13:23

Искам да похваля фирма ТЕРМОДИЗАЙНТОТАЛ за изграждането на вентилационна инсталация в нашия цех. Свършиха си работата без грешка и в уговорения срок. Препоръчвам ги като една от най-добрите фирми за климатична и вентилационна техника.

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