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Prefix Ltd. is fair advertising studio, specializing in the design, layout and construction of booths for fairs and exhibitions.

Prefix Ltd. carries out a full range of services and activities related to the presentation at trade fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.

• Planning - we will advise you on where to booth in the exhibition hall and will draw ideas of our practice and give you an advice on the most proper and effective exhibition space;
• Definition of budget - we will assist you in determining your budget for a presentation of your annual statement as professional advise on the possibilities of the materials used and their prices;
• Design - we will prepare a unique design, specially made for you consistent with your corporate vision and objectives;
• 3D visualization- graphic design closest to the real booth;
• Construction of bungalow and booth:
- Economy;
- Standard;
- Custom - design solution.
• Design- preparation of items, installation, electrical installation, highlighting, furniture, overall organization, logistics and transport the exhibits of the exhibitors, dismounting.
• Production of promotional logos- accents of different materials, PVC coating, printing on various surfaces, channel letters, custom performances.
• Control - we will organize supervision during the preparation and construction of the booth, and technical controls for every day of the exhibition.
• Seminars - conferences and cocktail parties.
• Interior design- design of houses, offices, shops, hotels, development of conceptual design, 3D visualization, preparation of detailed design, design trim polyurethane supervision.


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Катя Маламова 21 May 2015 11:09

Префикс ни изработват щандовете за изложения. Много съм доволна от тяхната работа, защото е важно не само какво предлагаш, а и как изглежда щанда. Това е част от цялостното ни добро представяне.

Верен Адрес 19 Nov 2012 11:09


ул.Богдан 5 е адресът

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