POBEDA JSC offers a wide variety of products in six product groups biscuits, pralines, croissants, mini cakes, wafers and crackers. The company has excellent distribution network in Bulgaria and good position on international confectionary market.

 Most brands of the company enjoy long traditions on the Bulgarian market and are well known to consumers of confectionery.

The experience and knowledge accumulated over decades, combined with dedication and care, create the matchless and memorable taste of the products loved by generations of consumers and found in almost every Bulgarian home.

1. Biscuits

Zakuska Biscuits: Zakuska biscuits are the best-selling biscuit brand in Bulgaria. Besides the classic recipe with vanilla aroma that is familiar to consumers for about 25 years (since 1987), the series is enriched also with cocoa biscuits.

Tea biscuits: Tea Biscuits are a popular brand of Pobeda JSC. The series has 3 flavors - honey and butter flavour, lemon flavor and cream flavor.

Everest Biscuits: The assortment includes four flavours - cocoa, milk, walnut and oil flavour. The biscuits have rich flavour and intense aroma and are perfect for both breakfast and to add to coffee and the preparation of various sweets and cakes. 

Everest Premium Biscuits: Coated biscuits with rich and delious taste. They come in two flavours - classic biscuits with milk couverture and cocoa biscuits with chocolate coating. The biscuits contain no preservatives. Suitable for a treat or festive occasion.

Sun Biscuits: Sun biscuits have rich taste which reminds of milk, butter and soft milky aroma. Because of their unique shape they can be served with various fillings.

Review Biscuits: The series contains Review Biscuits with Oat Flakes and Wholemeal Flour, Review Biscuits with No Sugar Added and  Review Vegeterian Biscuits.

Anelia Coated Biscuits: The brand has been sold on the Bulgarian market for more than 25 years. Anelia biscuits have attractively shape showing a sailor's engraving and they are covered with delicious cocoa couverture. The series contains 2 flavors - cocoa flavor and milk flavor.

Rumi Biscuits: Rumi series contains crispy biscuits, covered with light cocoa coating with two flavors - cocoa flavor and milk flavor. 

Navona Biscuit Series contains Navona Sandwich Biscuits with Peanut Cream ( the second best-selling sandwich biscuits on the Bulgarian market), Navona Cocoa Biscuits (with reach cocoa flavor and delicious cocoa coating), Navona Cappuccino Biscuits (with delicate taste of cappuccino) and Navona Classic Biscuits (with tender vanilla flavor, covered with light milky couverture).

Super Bravo Biscuits:  Super Bravo biscuits are released in March 2011. These tender mini biscuits are dipped in cocoa coating and they are suitable for the whole family,  for dessert or for a compliment to a hot drink. 

Detska Zakuska Biscuits: Biscuits with a delicate cream aroma, dipped in delicious cocoa couverture. The biscuits are wrapped in a bright, playful package featuring a cheerful panda, which is quite appealing to children.


2. Pralines

Chernomorets Pralines: Chernomorets pralines are among the best selling pralines in Bulgaria that can be found in the homes of Bulgarian consumers for more than 40 years. The best selling packing of the brand is its classic recipe - Chernomorets pralines with orange peels.
The legendary series now offers two new flavours - Chernomorets pralines with apple pieces and raisins and Chernomorets pralines with coffee flavor.

Cream Pralines: Cream pralines have been made for about 25 years and are well known to Bulgarian consumers. They are offered in three flavours - Caramel, Hazelnut and Coffee.


3. Mini cakes

Super Bravo Mini Cakes: very successful brand in mini cakes category in Bulgaria. Original recipe and rich variety are the main advantages of the product. It is produced by a special technology, which makes cakes very fluffy and rich in filling. Mini cakes are amongst the key export items of Pobeda.
Super Bravo mini cakes with its tasty flavours add certain energy and enjoyment anywhere, anytime. The series contains 5 species: with cocoa filling, with blueberry jam, with strawberry jam, with sugar substitute. 


4. Croissants

Bumi Croissants: Bumi croissants are characterised by their packaging's playful design and their fine filling. It is offered in two flavours - croissant with cocoa cream and croissant with caramel. It is perfect for breakfast, for dessert and as a snack on the road. The series contains Bumi Croissant with cocoa cream and Bumi Croissant with caramel cream. 

Forza Croissants: Forza croissants are baked in two flavours - croissant with cocoa cream and croissant with caramel. They are perfect for breakfast, for dessert, as a snack while travelling and at work. The croissants outstand with good quality and competitive price.


5. Waffers

In July 2012 Pobeda JSC started selling new kind of sweets – wafers. They are released under the brand "Everest".
The series contain 2 flavors of plain wafers in packaging of 4 pieces and also 3 flavors of single packaged coated wafers. Everest wafers will seduce you with their recognizable taste and attractive youth vision.


6. Crackers

Delicious, crunchy Bulgarian crackers with various flavors.
The assortment of Pobeda crackers series includes 100g packs with 3 flavors – Classic, Oregano & Olives and Black pepper & Lemon; volume packs of 95g and party boxes of 210g with Classic flavor, Oregano&Olives flavor and Sesame&Poppy flavor.

The company sells its products mainly on the domestic market and in recent years it strongly develops its policy towards entrance on new foreign markets. It enjoys well established positions on Georgian, Polish and Romanian markets. Among the countries where products are exported are also the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Libya, the Republic of Cyprus; Great Britain, Croatia, The Netherlands and the Middle East. Pobeda JSC also offers Private Label products for retail chains in Bulgaria and abroad and HoReCa products packaged in single packs for hotels, catering and tourism in Bulgaria.


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Много съм доволен от продуктите, които фирмата предлага. Крекерите, вафлите и шоколадовите бонбони са превъзходни. Силно препоръчвам.

Силвия Топалова 26 Nov 2013 17:35

Най-добрите продукти на пазара

Продуктите на ПОБЕДА - Бургас са най-добрите на пазара.Баланса цена-качество е абсолютно постигнат.Бонбони "ЧЕРНОМОРЕЦ",бисквити "ЕВЕРЕСТ","СЛЪНЦЕ","ЗАКУСКА" и др.тяхни продукти са любими на три поколения в нашето семейство.

Ирена Костова 18 Apr 2013 11:28

Всички продукти на Победа са супер и бих казала, че са най-най-най-истинските вафли, шоколади, бонбони, бисквити на БГ пазар!В тях не се усещат палмовите масла и други сурогати, с които са натъпкани десертите на останалите производители и най-вече вносните продукти, с които умишлено ни заливат рекламите и чуждите вериги магазини !!!

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