Perfect Colors Ltd. as an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of CASATI factory offers experience and professionalism, high quality, wide range of environmental products in more than 800 000 colors at affordable prices for everyone.

...colours create rainbows, CASATI creates colours...
With this slogan CASATI paint-factory has been present on the market since 1935 to offer you, with experience and professional skill, the best of the colours production for the building sector, with the paints and insulatings for outside, the water-based paints to decorate the interior of your house, the solvent-based enamels and, in the respect of enviroment, the innovating line of the odourless water-based enamels. To complete this range of products there are the varnishes and protective fillers for wood, the metal anti-rusts, spray enamels, thinners, colourings, road-marking paints and all the auxiliary products for the sector. CASATI products include a quality that becomes guaranteed technology, careful selection of the raw-materials, consulting assistance after sale. An efficient trade organization able to guarantee deliveries in every place in very short time.


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Стоядин Ламбев 04 Aug 2015 13:51

Перфект Колорс ни предложиха прекрасните продукти на CASATI за цялостното реновиране на лятната ни къща.Много прекладни възможности за избор на емайллакове,бои и хидроизолации.Не съжалявам нито за избора ни, нито за вложените средства.Сега сме и красиви и еко. Получихме и добра консултация..

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