Provider of Health and Safety at Work Services. Risk assessment. Medical check-up. Work environment safety compliance certificates. Advisory about procedures, manuals and records of the company as per requirements of the Health and safety at work act

NADIA 2005 EOOD is external health and safety at work service provider. We are offering broad range of high quality service to the market. Our clients include many Bulgarian offices of international companies such as Microsoft, DHL Express, Pfizer, Berlin - Chemie, UCB, Maersk, SAP, etc. The list of our institutional clients consists of the Bulgaria National Bank, Bulgarian Industrial Association, Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency, National Academy of Music, National Academy of Fine Arts, etc.

NADIA 2005 offers to organize and render services through its occupational medicine body in accordance with the Act for safety and healthy working conditions and the related documents, including Ordinance No. 3 of 25.01.2008 for the terms and conditions for occupational medicine bodies. The contractor is a licensed Health and Safety Service provider by the Ministry of Health by License number � 145-3/27.08.2012 and his staff is compliant with all legal requirements concerning the activities under this contract including the Ordinance � 3/25.01.2008 "For the terms and conditions of activities performed by the occupational medicine bodies", as well as that he is registered administrator of personal data under the number 108952 of Commission for Personal Data Protection.

We offer the services listed below against remuneration subject to negotiations between the parties:

  1. Risk assessment of the work environment, processes, equipment, premises, workflow, etc. taking into account the significant from the labor - hygiene point of view work environment factors and determine the persons at risk. Updates of risk assessment throughout the life of the contract required under art. 11 and art. 20, paragraph 3, item 11 of the Ordinance No. 5/11.05.1999.
  2. Development of programs that eliminate or reduce the established risks and recommendations about the reduction or elimination of established adverse or inadequate to the existing sanitary norms working environment factors.
  3. Keeping of personal healthcare records of the staff, analysis and monitoring of their health status in relation to the specific working conditions. Assessment of the impact of working conditions on the health status of workers and their suitability for a particular type of work based on: a) assessment of the impact of working conditions on the health of workers and their appropriateness for the particular type of work; b) statistics of the sick leaves of the staff; c) the personal records of employees.
  4. Development of physiological models for each specific type of work under Ordinance No. 15 on the terms and requirements for development and implementation of physiological models of work and rest during work, SG issue 54/1999.
  5. Training the members of the health and safety at work committee as per Ordinance No. 4 for the training of representatives of the committees and groups on the working conditions, published in SG, issue 133/1998 and to issue certificates to the participants.
  6. Recommendations about the workload and/or reconstruction of the work environment of employees, which due to a disease have got limitations in performance of their usual work. a) Provision of personal consultations to employees about health and safety at work issues; b) Communication with their GP upon aberrations in the health status for specifying the diagnosis or for treatment;
  7.  Determination of the frequency and scope of prophylactic medical examinations and tests as per art. 9, paragraph 1 and art. 17 of Ordinance No. 3/ 28.02.1987 for preliminary and periodic mandatory medical examinations of workers, SG, issue 16/1987.
  8. Determination of the frequency and scope of mandatory measurements of the working environment.
  9. Rendering of methodological assistance for the creation and updates of the company procedures, manuals and records as per requirements of the Health and safety at work act.
  10. Provision of assistance in the investigation of occupational diseases and accidents.
  11. Rendering other services and activities as per Ordinance No. 3/ 25.01.2008 on the conditions and procedures for work of the Occupational Medicine Offices.

NADIA 2005 provides measurement of the work environment factors such as occupational noise, microclimate, light and safety of electric outlets and appliances by an inspection body type C accredited by the state as complying with ISO 17020.


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Христина Радева 18 Jul 2015 15:25

Работим със служба за трудова медицина Надя 2005. Много ни помагат с всякакви консултации отностно трудови правоотношения, безопасност на труда и т.н. Много коректни и сериозни експерти в областа си. Доволни сме от работата им.

Диляна Трачева 03 Apr 2015 12:53

Трудова медицина

Клиенти сме на службата по трудова медицина НАДЯ 2005 от 2003г. През всичките тези години получаваме адекватно обслужване на добри цени. НАДЯ 2005 изпълнява стриктно задълженията си по договорите, но в допълнение на това в нейно лице служителите от Човешки ресурси имат консултант, към който могат до отнесат всякакви казуси и въпроси, свързани с трудовите правоотношения.

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