Locator - Online GPS tracking system

Locator BG is online GPS tracking system that supports fleet management and real-time tracking of all kind of objects on the digital map. It is high-performance software product and provides its customers with a lot of useful functionalities.

GPS tracking system from Locator BG is invaluable in the process of activity optimization in your company. If your company's business is in the area of transportation, rent-a-car services, or any other area that requires a vehicle fleet, our products and services are exactly what you need.

We offer a product that aids your business by providing continuous reporting on what is happening to vehicles and their drivers. With our products you will always be aware of any unwanted interference in your vehicle fleet, as well as any emergencies or problems that occur on the road. You get quick and easy control of your fleet. In addition to this, with Locator BG you get a wide range of reports and statistics that will help you ensure the proper execution of business processes in your company.

"Fleet Management" from Locator BG is an indispensable tool for general surveillance of the operation of your vehicles and their drivers. With ur help you save time and money by tracking in real-time all the actions of your employees, vehicles and routes on which they operate. This way you increase the effectiveness of your business activities and develop the full potential of your company's resources.

Applicable to:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Rent-a-car services
  • Distribution
  • Security services
  • Express services
  • Cargo transportation
  • All other kinds of services connected somehow to transportation and using a vehicle fleet

Main advantages:

  • Increased level of control
  • Guarantees your vehicle's security
  • Reduces communication costs
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Easy monitor and control
  • Detailed reports with respect to a number of indicators
  • Reporting on past periods
  • User-customized reporting
  • GRPS traffic included in the price. All-inclusive package.
  • No further costs, no additional contracts with GSM providers.

Specifics and product characteristics:

  •  Interactive map for live tracking;
  • Monitors the current course and movement speed;
  • Detects when vehicles is moving and when stationary, detects engine status;
  • Displays all trips (also for past periods) on an interactive map;
  • Different reports and statistics available also for past periods;
  • Ability to monitor the fuel level;
  • Ability to monitor the fuel consumption;
  • A two-way communication link to GPS navigation systems;
  • Ability to monitor a number of external sensors.


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Стоян Димитров 10 Aug 2015 13:19

Ползвам „Управление на автопарк“ от Локатор БГ вече близо половин година и мога да кажа ,че програмата е доста ефективна.Намаляха излишните ми главоболия, контрола над служителите се улесни, маршрутите станаха по -ефективни и по- икономични.

Теодор Киров 27 Jul 2015 11:13

Много ефикасна система

Имам транспортна фирма и от няколко месеца използваме онлайн GPS система за проследяване "Управление на автопарк". Контрола си е контрол - разхода на гориво намаля почти с една трета. Не съм очаквал чак такива резултати но фактите са такива. Препоръчвам тая система на всички които искат да минимизират разхода на гориво на автопарка и да имат възможност да проследяват автомобилите.

Контрол по всяко време

Това са хора професионалисти! Услугата мога само да я препоръчам.

Много добри!

Изключително съм доволен от услугите и професионализма на тази компания. Обръщат внимание и на най- малкия детайл, стараят се максимално да удовлетворят желанията и нуждите на клиента. Откъм качество и цена нямат конкуренция.

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