Euro-Trade M Ltd.

Production of white, colored and printed labels for use of barcode printers, label scales, manual and automatic applicators, marking pliers and hand sticking. we are the only manufacturer of self-adhesive labels A4.

 EURO TRADE M was established in 1996. The company is specialized in the production of white, colored and printed self-adhesive labels, which are widely used for product identification in the wholesale and retail food industry, transport and logistics. Labels are mainly produced on a roll and are intended for use by barcode printers, label scales, manual and automatic applicators price guns for hand sticking.

Also we are a producer of yogurt lids and print of packaging for food industry such as foil for butter, sugar, nuts, coffee etc.

Our production is focused on five directions:

  1.  Flexography ( “Flexo” printing ).
  2.  Production for food industry such as aluminum yogurt lids and printed foil for butter.
  3.  Production of labels for food industry such as colored and thermal transfer labels.
  4.  Production of office supplies like A4 self-adhesive labels, student labels, price guns, self-adhesive and glossy bars for applications.
  5.  Printing of medical packages.

Our company is certified in conformity with ISO 9001, environment manage system ISO 14001, Hazard analysis and critical control points HACCP and medical insurance of sterilization ISO 11607-1.

Our labels are made of high quality paper from a reputable European manufacturer - matte, glossy, PE, PVC, PET, resistant to moisture, high and low temperature and paper for repeatedly sticking. We work with “ Torras Papel” and all of our products are accompanied with needed certificates.

Since 2005 our products are presented under our registered trade brand named “FLEKS-ko”. Our brand is the only one on Bulgarian market which is offering A4 self- adhesive labels for dot matrix, inject and laser printers.

In brief, honesty, quality and flexibility in finding solutions for each customer are our main priorities. We work fast and we do not compromise with quality and high standarts. We are able to offer a lot and we are ready for collaboration.



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