Finite Software Systems Ltd is a software company which specializes in the development of high quality, reliable and cost-effective complete information solutions within the field of the hotel business and tourism industry

Finite developes and distributes the products of ASSD Germany. These are mainly property management software applications for tourism industry.

1. �odern reservation system for hotel and hostel management, with more than 20 years experience.

The main advantages of the system are easy use, security, flexibility and multifunctionality. The system has been on the market for a long period during which it has repeatedly demonstrated its stable operation and high productivity despite its peak operation conditions. PMS simultaneously supports both Latin and the Cyrillic, operates in six languages and can be further translated into a language of your preference. The system allows individual settings and can easily be adapted to the specific needs of each hotel or hostel. It also provides networking and can be remotely accessed by its users through the Internet or a local network. At the same time its data is kept centrally, thus guaranteeing easy storage and maintenance. Once it has been implemented and set into operation, the PMS system opens up a number of new options for users to manage and develop their business.

Some more specific advantages of the system

  • Automatic room accommodation;
  • Accommodation optimization;
  • Option for activating automatic price calculation (Yield Management/Revenue Management);
  • Centralized data base about the hotel guests;
  • Easy and fast update of availabilities and prices by pressing a single button;
  • Convenient invoicing including invoice sectioning based on different criteria;
  • Numerous statistical reports;
  • Specialized data processing;
  • Fast data export;

2. Online reservation system

CRS manages online reservation made through the hotel web site. Each reservation made through an Internet reservation system is completely free of charge for the hotel and after the customer has paid and confirmed the booking, it becomes automatically available in PMS. Thus the reception staff is aware of the already placed order and sees it in the reservation program. No further activities are required of them until the guests arrive at the hotel. This spares the staff’s time and efforts and eliminates the risk of wrong guest accommodation. You gain profits from your website quickly, easily and conveniently.

Some of the major features characterizing the CRS system are:

  • Automatic maintenance of prices and availabilities of the site;
  • Possibility for setting quotas and employment level upon reaching which CRS sales are terminated;
  • Payment by debit and credit cards and hotel customers are notified in real time about the processing status;
  • High level of security provided with the help of additional backup functionality;
  • Support of a multilingual option;
  • The customer does not leave your site while booking the hotel;
  • Opportunity for individual settings;
  • 24-hour operation without interruption;

3. Channel Manager managing of online reservation portals.

The module for management of reservation channels performs the role of a CRS application but for external systems and online reservation sites. With its help you can easily offer your services worldwide through internationally acknowledged Internet reservation portals which register daily visits by millions of users. Channel Manager automatically maintains information about the prices and availabilities in your hotel on all Internet reservation channels you work with. Thus, without exerting any effort or interference, you will constantly provide updated online information about your hotel. Channel Manager uses a two-way communication link which maintains the correct data transfer to and from the PMS system by periodically processing the newly registered changes.

Here is a list of some major online reservation sites the application is working with:






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