We offer a combination of experience and professionall approach with youthful enthusiasm and keen on self-improvement. The clinic is equipped with modern dental inventory. There is a comfortable doctor's office and high level of hygiene that we keep.

Dukovi dental surgery clinic has modern dental equipment. We provide a high level of comfort for our patients as well as a high level of hygiene.

- Digital panoramic X-ray and digital X-ray device;

- Digital X-ray for CBCT-3D and cephalometric;

- Diode laser for soft tissue surgery. Implantology;

- Device for ultrasonic bone surgery;

- High frequency surgical device and bi-polar coagulation;

- Implantologic device of the Japanese company NSK, Ozone therapy device; 

- Lamp for teeth whitening in clinical environment, Intraoral cameras.


The dentists engaged with your helaty and briliant smile in Dukovi Clinic are: Dr. Dukov, Dr. Sapunkyova, Dr. Dukova, Dr. Angelova, Dr. Eleninovska, Dr. Milchev, Dr. Lazarova


Partners and suppliers of consumables for our work are recognized companies, such as:


  • OSSTEM IMPLANT - Korea (manufacturer of implants);
  • CAMLOG - Switzerland (Swiss manufacturer of implants);
  • STRAUMANN Bulgaria (dealer of the leading company in the field of implantology, restoring dentistry and oral soft tissue regeneration - Straumann Group - Switzerland);
  • ULTRADENTAL (importer and distributor of dental products and consumables);
  • FMD Medical Devices (Italian manufacturer of implants);
  • TBR Implants Group (French manufacturer of implants);
  • Dentacom (40 manufacturers of dental products and supplies around the world presented by the company);
  • Dentacon (supplier of dental equipment);
  • Meisinger (German manufacturer of dental equipment);
  • Soredex (manufacturer of x-ray equipment from Finland);
  • VITALDENS (consulting and marketing in the field of dentistry and dental technology).


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