'Designgroup' Ltd. is an importer of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and homes. The collections present worldwide renowned names in the manufacturing and furniture design. A wide variety of products, large stocks.

 “Designgroup" Ltd. is a direct importer of high quality indoor and outdoor contract furniture for hotels, restaurants, clubs, apartment complexes, beaches, gardens and homes. (Our product range includes chairs, bar stools, tables, table tops and bases, sofas, armchairs, chairs, umbrellas, etc.)

Our team is proud of the excellent quality and demanding selection of the furniture we offer. The collections reflect the latest trends in the area, representing international names in the manufacturing and furniture design. Our products are embodiment of the quest for the perfect combination of convenience, quality, design and innovation. In addition to expertise, in response to the expectations of the most demanding taste team ‘Design Group’ impresses with its highly developed sense of beauty. The energy and emotion we use at work are part of those invisible, hypnotic things that make us different and desirable partners. Our dream come true is to influence the perceptions through spaces and forms and thus to instill sense of a more refined lifestyle.

Besides the emotional and aesthetic aspect we greatly insist on honest business relationship. We are storing a wide variety of available models and large stocks in order to facilitate choice and to achieve maximum speed and accuracy of supply.

Company's mission: Our products win clients to our clients.

Be our guest, step into the world of Design Group!


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Daniela 04 Sep 2015 10:28

Ако си търсите качествени и модерни мебели за заведение или за в къщи,то дизайн груп е мястото! Ние си купихме столове и шезлонги от магазина в бургас, всичко беше налично на склад и сме много доволни, че пазарувахме от тях.

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