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BIBUS is a network of trading, service and manufacturing companies with subsidiaries in more than 20 countries. The business areas are Mechatronics, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Environmental technology and e-Manufacturing.

BIBUS Bulgaria Ltd. operates on the local market since 2007 and as a subsidiary of BIBUS AG Group located in Zurich, Switzerland. 

In 2010 our scope was expanded by including Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Mechatronics. The expansion of our scope holds strategic importance in terms of meeting the needs of the Bulgarian industry by providing comptent solutions in the fields of technology, repair, engineering and procurement of specialized equipment.

Bibus AG Group is represented in 29 countries around the globe exclusively by its subsidiaries. The main scope in which the company is specialized and maintains high level of competence are delivery of products and spare parts in the industry sectors of hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics and environmental technology.


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Григор Златев 09 Jul 2015 12:55

Препоръчвам фирма Бибус ако ви трябват хидравлични помпи и мотори и всякакви части за тях. Много сериозна фирма с добре обучен екип и отношение към клиента. Голямо разнообразие на продукти.

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