Medical Practices in Varna


Phone number: 0898547636

Varna, ul. Gen. Kolev 66

Nadezhda Medical Center is a private outpatient medical facility for specialized care. Here is a daily reviews and advice only from professionals, comprehensive laboratory diagnosis to the extent of high-tech research.


Phone number: 052978097

Varna, 17 Kapitan Petko Voyvoda Str.

Welcome to the dental office, Dr. Argirova! You can take advantage of the following services: treatment of caries, teeth whitening, tartar, veneers, fillings, extractions nerve treatment of pulpitis, tooth extraction, zirconium crowns, metal ceramics

Phone number: 052 555751

Address: Varna, Mladost bul. Republika 15, tyalo A, et. 3 i 5

Phone number: 088 8263277

Address: Varna, ul. Hadzhi Stamat Siderov 1

Phone number: 0882 803 023

Address: Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik, DKTS 3

Phone number: 052 511 070

Address: Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik ul. Konstantin i Fruzhin 21, DKTS - 3

Phone number: 052 602 525

Address: Varna, YAn Palah 10 fl. 2

Phone number: 089 7904321

Address: Varna, Drin 1

Phone number: 052 604397

Address: Varna, Dr.TSankov 5