Medical Practices in Varna


Varna, 66 Gen. Kolev Str.

Nadejda Medical Center provides medical assistance, examinations and consultations with doctors from 20 medical specialties, full laboratory diagnostics, lab tests, prophylaxis and treatment. Preparation of medical certificates.


Phone number: 052978097

Varna, 17 Kapitan Petko Voyvoda Str.

Welcome to the dental office, Dr. Argirova! You can take advantage of the following services: treatment of caries, teeth whitening, tartar, veneers, fillings, extractions nerve treatment of pulpitis, tooth extraction, zirconium crowns, metal ceramics

Phone number: 052 617137

Address: Varna, bul. Saborni 11, et.2, ofis 5

Phone number: 052 632222

Address: Varna, Knyaz Batenberg 26

Phone number: 052 510 282

Address: Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik, DKTS 3

Phone number: 052 510 311

Address: Varna, Vl.Varnenchik,DKTS 3,kabinet 217

Phone number: 0888453037

Address: Varna, 28 Stefan Karadzha str.

Phone number: 052 322 367

Address: Varna, P.Raychev, 1-2, et.1, kab1

Phone number: 052 306927

Address: Varna, Studentska, bl. 14, vh.K, parter