Hardware, Plumbing Supplies and DIY Shops in Haskovo


Phone number: 038601130; 038601143

Haskovo, Iztochna Industrialna zona, baza Materialno snabdyavane, OPSO

Nedev Ltd. is a main activity, wholesale and retail trade in building materials, hardware and own production of fence and gutters. Founded in 1993. Nedev Ltd. is one of the leaders in this sector and has proved to be a reliable partner.

Phone number: 038 601132

Address: Haskovo, Iztochna industrialna zona, baza materialno snabdyavane /OPSO/

Phone number: 038 665089

Address: Haskovo, Balgariya 164

Phone number: 038 662891

Address: Haskovo, Iztochna industrialna zona