Grocery and Convenience Shops in Vratsa


Vratsa, 1 Iliya Krastenyakov Str.

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Phone number: 092 656968

Address: Vratsa, Dabnika, pred bl.13

Phone number: 092 649560

Address: Vratsa, Gen.I.V.Gurko 6 ent. E

Phone number: 092 641022

Address: Vratsa, Hristo Botev 22

Phone number: 092 620508

Address: Vratsa, Polk.Lukashov 10

Phone number: 092 661480

Address: Vratsa, Himik, mezhdu bl.2 i 3

Phone number: 092 660412

Address: Vratsa, Petropavlovska 42

Phone number: 092 660275

Address: Vratsa, Gen.Leonov 5