Furniture Wholesale in Bulgaria


Phone number: 052611229

Sofia, 5 Atanas Stoev str.

The company Rudi An Single Member Ltd. was established in 1994 with the purpose of manufacture and trade of upholstered furniture. Through the years we have strengthened our positions on the market with our own design and functionality of the manuf


Burgas, Slaveykov bl. 55

'Designgroup' Ltd. is an importer of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and homes. The collections present worldwide renowned names in the manufacturing and furniture design. A wide variety of products, large stocks.

GRUDEV Furniture

Phone number: 052610270

Varna, 10 Bitolya Str.

Impala is a company that stands behind the furniture Grudev Furniture and interior doors OPEN DOOR. From design to production to installation of furniture, people, united by common idea to have more and more satisfied customers, work for you!


Phone number: 032621650; 029587926

Plovdiv, 252 6th septemvri Blvd.

Nido Furniture Store

Phone number: 024219645; 024219646

Sofia, Darvenitsa Nbh., 1 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd., mebelna kashta Nido

Individual projects, import and sale of Italian and Spanish furniture in classic or modern style - kitchens, living-rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, garden furniture, office furniture, sanitary, tiles, ceramics, gress, bathroom furniture.


Phone number: 0896606222; 0888234343

Sofia, 12 Iliyantsi Blvd.

Production of standard and custom furniture for home and office, commercial facilities, hotels and restaurants.


Gorna Oryahovitsa, Sv.Knyaz Boris Parvi 44