Energy Efficiency in Varna

ABB Bulgaria EOOD - Turbochargers Service station, Varna

Varna, KRZ Odesos, Ostrovna zona

ABB's Turbochargers Service Station is located in Varna and operates a workshop equipped with up-to-date equipment and trained service team, serving the customers within a 7days/24 hours schedule.

Phone number: 052 758051

Address: Varna, ul. Radost 6

Phone number: 052 301075

Address: Varna, ul. Loza 16 fl. 1

Phone number: 052 687991

Address: Varna, Todor Vlaykov 65, administrativna sgrada, zav. Hristo Botev, et.3

Phone number: 052 988840

Address: Varna, bul. Primorski 41

Phone number: 052 300460

Address: Varna, ul. Preslav 4