Electrical Machines and Equipment in Bulgaria


Sofia, 51-53 Kutlovitsa Str.

Reach Truck VRT Electric Sit-on Pallet Stacker KM.RPS Electric Pedestrian Pallet Stackers KMS.AC , KM.ACElectric Pallet Trucks KH.BS, KH.LS ,KH.HS, KH.RPSHand Operated /Hand-towed battery operated Pallet Stackers KBX, KBE Warehouse


Phone number: 059685551

Kableshkovo, 2 Cherno more Str.

The only Bulgarian manufacturer of carbon-graphite brushes for electrical machines, brush holders, carbon structural products, silver contacts for LV equipment, copper and silver contact assemblies and units for rail, sea and river ports and others.

Phone number: 052 721000

Address: Varna, Primorski park, Saltanat 59 fl. 3, atelie 11

Phone number: 02 9700701

Address: Sofia, Hristofor Kolumb 7

Phone number: 03134 6740

Address: Sopot, Iv.Vazov 31

Phone number: 054 800 838

Address: Shumen, Petra 17

Phone number: 044 662252

Address: Sliven, Yordan Kyuvliev 5

Phone number: 0431 63821

Address: Kazanlak, Vozheli 1

Phone number: 0670 63164

Address: Troyan, Akad.A.Balevski 1