Commercial Furniture and Equipment in Kableshkovo


Phone number: 059685551

Kableshkovo, 2 Cherno more 2

The only Bulgarian manufacturer of carbon-graphite brushes for electrical machines, brush holders, carbon structural products, silver contacts for LV equipment, copper and silver contact assemblies and units for rail, sea and river ports and others.

Phone number: 052 302728

Address: Varna, Studentska 1

Phone number: 052 300220

Address: Varna, Pchelina, pat za s. Kamenar

Phone number: 088 8265877

Address: Varna, Troshevo

Phone number: 052 731303

Address: Varna, Zapadna promishlena zona, kv.35

Phone number: 052 614 376

Address: Varna, Saborni 16