Clinics in Sofia


Sofia, Razsadnika, ul. Hristo Blagoev 25-31


Dr. Shterev Hospital - well-trained specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, excellent conditions and conveniences. Here you will find quality care in the field of gynecology, obstetrics and assisted reproductive technologies (in vitro, IUI, etc.)


Sofia, Knyajevo, bul. Tsar Boris III 315



Sofia, Lozenets, ul. Lale 8


Nonstop Children's Clinic Vella health facility that provides outpatient treatment and prevention of children diseases from day one of the child to his youthful age. Here you get the best possible pediatric care for your children.


Sofia, Mladost 1, bl.37B ( p-ka Mladost)



phone: 029526125; 027971207

Sofia, ul. Pliska 54


Orthodontic clinic VALOR is the first specialized orthodontic clinic in Bulgaria. All contemporary kind of appliances are offered. There is a digital X-ray for panoramic X-rays which can be used for the needs of patients of general dentists too.


Sofia, Mladost 4, Biznes park Sofia, sgrada 2, et.1



phone: 0878 710 501 ; 024813309

Sofia, ul. Lyublyana 34Б



phone: 029449326

address: Sofia, ul. N.V.Gogol 28


phone: 029836203

address: Sofia, Tsar Simeon 52


phone: 024393131

address: Sofia, Boyana 71, bul. Al. Pushkin 71


phone: 0887 118 967

address: Sofia, Nadejda, bl. 172 ent. Д


phone: 028628815

address: Sofia, Nikola Gabrovski 26, fl. 1


phone: 0898 550 431

address: Sofia, Gorublyane 56, bul. Tsarigradsko shose 56


phone: 029745960

address: Sofia, Mladost-1, bl. 31 ent. 2 ap. 2


phone: 028653540

address: Sofia, Krum Popov 62


phone: 0887 240 537

address: Sofia, Otets Paisiy 98


phone: 029463218

address: Sofia, San Stefano 18


phone: 0888 803 206

address: Sofia, II Gradska bolnitsa, II Meditsinski tsentar 120, bul. Hristo Botev 120


phone: 029719920

address: Sofia, Iztok 3, ul.N.Ostrovski 3


phone: 029516361

address: Sofia, Feliks Kanits 14-16