Cleaning Commercial in Varna


Phone number: 0898615613; 0888449968

Varna, 1 Tsarevets Str.

Juventa Ltd. performs cleaning of business buildings, public buildings, offices, homes, houses, swimming pools, fasades and surrounding areas. Floor grinding and polishing.

Phone number: 052 608448

Address: Varna, bul. TSar Osvoboditel 269A fl. 3

Phone number: 089 7357632

Address: Varna, ul. Podvis 21

Phone number: 0898517584

Address: Varna, 26 Pheliks Kanic Str.

Phone number: 0889947960,0878412909

Address: Varna, 1 Akademik Kurchatov Str.

Phone number: 0893 414142

Address: Varna, TSentar ul. CHerni vrah 4

Phone number: 052 607 260

Address: Varna, YUzhna promishlena zona

Phone number: 0898480999

Address: Varna, 19 Hristo Smirnenski Str.