Cleaning Commercial in Sofia

Clean Company

Phone number: 0893303033

Sofia, 10 Chavdar Mutafov str., Vitosha nbh.


Phone number: 0889625220

Sofia, 18 Plachkovski manastir str.

Carry out treatment against all types of pests-cockroaches, fleas, wasps, snakes, rats, mice and others. Visit at convenient time for you apartments, houses, offices. Preparation of subscription programs for pubs, restaurants etc. Guarantees and nice


Sofia, 2 Dravski Boi Str., Nadezhda Nbh.

Phone number: 088 6092949

Address: Sofia, Druzhba 2 bl. 510 ent. V

Phone number: 0889290160

Address: Sofia, 3 Lyulin, bl. 327, ent. B, ap. 23

Phone number: 028738470

Address: Sofia, 9 Asen Yordanov blvd.

Phone number: 0877533703

Address: Sofia, 20 Chataldzha Str., office 1

Phone number: 0888743438

Address: Sofia, Krasna polyana Nbh., bl. 208