Chemical, Mineral and Organic Substances Production in Bulgaria


Sofia, 3A Dimitar Peshev Str.

Messer Bulgaria is the bulgarian subsidiary of the Messer Group - a leading company in the technical gases business. We offer wide range of gaseous and liquified gases like oxigen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide and various gas mixtures.

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Address: Plovdiv, Knyaz Al.Batenberg 39 ent. A

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Address: Devnya, Prom.zona 50A

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Address: Elin Pelin, Stopanski dvor, Stolnik, malko hale

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Address: Sofia, bul. TSar Boris III 21

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Address: Dimitrovgrad, D-r P.Beron 1

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Address: Pazardzhik, ul. Konstantin Velichkov 20

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Address: Sofia, Iztok ul. Mayor YUriy Gagarin bl. 154A fl. 3 ap. 12