Building Materials, Elements and Structures Wholesale in Sofia


Sofia, Kremikovtsi, promishlena zona

The YTONG blocks are ecological, modern and healthy building material for your home. All YTONG products allow the wall to breath thus providing healthy room climate, warmth in winter and coolness in summer.


Sofia, 105 Cherni vrah boul.

Manufacturing and trade of scaffoldings, formworks and their accessories. Lease tubular scaffolding, frame scaffolding and mobile tower, as well as telescopic props.


Sofia, Hadzhi Dimitar Nbh., 5 Gradinarska Str.

Trade with building hardware, building materials, tools, paints, plumbing parts, electrical, fasteners, cables, pipes and fittings, silicones, adhesives and mixtures. Two warehouses with constant availability over 6500 items in Sofia. Fast delivery.

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Address: Sofia, Prof.D-r D.Atanasov 13 ent. A fl. 1 ap. 1

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Address: Sofia, Nikola Petkov 36

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