Building and Repair Services in Stara Zagora


Dimitrovgrad, Dimitar Blagoev Str., bl. 24, ent. G, ap. 2

Construction, repair works, mounting, reconstruction, modernization and repair of steam and energy generators, repair and mounting of metal constructions, parts and segments in the field of energy, chemistry, metallurgy, cement and paper industries.

Phone number: 042 230 108

Address: Stara Zagora, bul. Ruski

Phone number: 087 8133458

Address: Stara Zagora, ZHeleznik ul. Mladost bl. 17 ap. 18

Phone number: 088 9632255

Address: Stara Zagora, Industrialna zona RKS

Phone number: 042 636233

Address: Stara Zagora, Sava Silov 25

Phone number: 042 603297

Address: Stara Zagora, ZHelezni vrata 14

Phone number: 042 653064

Address: Stara Zagora, Mayor Kavaldzhiev 147