Auto Repairs in Varna


Varna, ul. TSonyo Todorov, do Troleyno depo

M Car Varna LTD

Phone number: 0887739860

Varna, 320 Vl. Varnenchik boul.

M Car Varna Ltd. is authorized dealer of BMW AG in Bulgaria for the auto brands BMW and MINI, their original spare parts and accessories. The company's activity consists in sale of new and certified used cars, warranty and after-sale servicing.


Phone number: 0896685458

Varna, ul. Murgash 7, pod Metrologiya 1

Phone number: 089 6831090

Address: Varna, Dimitar Stanchev 9

Phone number: 052 506001

Address: Varna, TSonyo Todorov 3

Phone number: 052 650185

Address: Varna, St.Zaimov 10

Phone number: 088 5839545

Address: Varna, Vladislav Varnenchik 277

Phone number: 089 5060305

Address: Varna, ul. Andrey Saharov 1

Phone number: 052 502194

Address: Varna, Hr.Smirnenski