Alcoholic Drinks Production and Wholesale in Bulgaria


Phone number: 0888168700; 0876590290

Sofia, 7 Obelsko shose str.

Wholesale and retail of alcohol, soft drinks, beer, mineral water, juices, energy drinks, tea, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, tobacco, confectionery, nuts, batteries, condoms, electronic cigarette, nicotine liquid.

Phone number: 02 8728350

Address: Sofia, Krasno selo ul.Nikolay Haytov 2 ent. G fl. 3 ap. G7

Phone number: 032 627072

Address: Plovdiv, TSar Boris III Obedinitel 37

Phone number: 044 624 216

Address: Sliven, Bratya SHkorpil 10

Phone number: 044 667047

Address: Sliven, Industrialen ul.Svetlina 7 ent. B

Phone number: 02 8329132

Address: Sofia, Slivnitsa 245