Airlines in Bulgaria


Phone number: 029459137

Sofia, 1 entr., 2 bl., Airport Sofia

Company SPEEDEX performs cargo and passenger charter flights to all over of the world. We also offer specialized activities related to the preparation and execution of flights with military production, illicit and dangerous goods.


Phone number: 029459404; 029459403

Sofia, Airport Sofia, bl. 1, ent. 1

Freight forwarding company Smart Express offers sea, air, road, river and railway transport. We specialize in the transport of live animals. Groupage shipments. Customs agency. Transportation of oversize and dangerous goods.

Phone number: 02 4020400

Address: Sofia, Bryuksel 1

Phone number: 02 9487060

Address: Sofia, bul. Botevgradsko 229

Phone number: 02 980 32 93

Address: Sofia, ul. Tri ushi 6A, sgrada 5 ent. 2, ofis 9

Phone number: 02 9397010

Address: Sofia, Frityof Nansen 9

Phone number: 052 669417

Address: Varna, Letishte Varna

Phone number: 0887 397 610

Address: Dolna Banya, Letishte 1

Phone number: 02 9787676

Address: Sofia, Gorublyane ul. P. Krasov 35