24 Hour Pharmacies

Community pharmacies

More or less most community pharmacies provide drugs, vitamins, nutritions, cosmetics, sanitary and first-aid materials and baby foods. Many pharmacies try to attract clients using websites or providing unconventional services or using new communication channels. 

Certification. Like many health care providers, pharmacists are regulated professionals. Every client can check any pharmacy license in the Ministry of Health Registers.

Legal medications. There are certain differences in list of legal medications and medicinal for every country. Lists of legal drugs as well as relevant laws and regulations are available in the registers of Bulgarian Drug Agency.

Deliveries and orders online. Some pharmacies provide consultations, online orders and door-to-door delivery of their products free of charge on the phone number for orders. In some cases delivery can also be free of charge if the price of products is more than 35 BGN. You can also ask if there is a fixed term for delivery, for some providers the term is up to 180 minutes.

Consultations. You can receive a consultation or health advice in most of the community pharmacies, but some of them even provide 24-hours telephone consultations for clients and patients.

Drug Stores. They can retail only drugs without prescriptions. Preparation of medicines in a drug store is strictly forbidden. Their functioning is regulated by Regional Inspections for Public Health, which regulate other public places like shops, cafes, restaurants etc.

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